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Healthy teeth and gums are part of the overall health care for your employees.

You can provide your employees the choice of two HMSA dental plans: Dental PPO and Dental HMO.

With Dental PPO, your employees have the freedom to choose any participating HMSA dental provider. Dental PPO covers most dental services when needed without preauthorization.

With Dental HMO, your employees receive all their dental care from a primary care dentist or network of their choice, either from the Hawaii Family Dental Center (HFDC) or Dental Independent Network (DIN). If they choose to see a dentist outside of the plan without a referral, special member fees will not apply and they will have to pay the total charge.

HMSA dental plans assure your employees of getting quality dental care from skilled professionals, plus courteous and efficient dental care services.

For more information, please contact your HMSA representative, or call (808) 948-5555, ext. 3, on Oahu or Customer Service from the Neighbor Islands.